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Walker Tactical Firearms provides a variety of services to Gun Owners and Enthusiasts. Some of these services include:

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I am a life-long gun enthusiast, hunter, firearms instructor, and lawyer. I love putting all these together and helping other Gun Owners and Enthusiasts enjoy their firearms safely and legally. If you ever have a question, please don't hesitate to give me a call or Contact Me and I will give you my thoughts. Thank you and I hope we get to meet some day...


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I write stories about GunLaw, Firearms, Education, and Training. I hope they give you insights, helpful information, and more knowledge so you can be better informed about being a Gun Owner. While I can't give legal advice, I can share stories to help you learn more about these areas. I hope you enjoy them and share them with your fellow Gun Owners...


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I recently wrote an article, "The "Aftermath" of a Deadly Force Incident - 5 Actions You Should Take," to help gun owners better understand what to do if they are involved in a deadly force incident. It is FREE to download...and share with your fellow gun owners. I hope after reading it you will feel much more aware and safer.

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If you are looking to learn more about Gun Law and how you can protect your family, yourself, and your firearms, this is a great place to start. Gun Law covers many areas so I try to break them down into areas that are relevant and pertinent to you. Here are the main areas of Gun Law...

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The “left side” and the “right side” are in constant disagreement and debate over the causes (and correlations between factors) that might lead to more gun related crimes in the US. And as the age-old phrase goes, “you can use statistics to prove any point,” this is even more real today than ever before. But now we know the REAL FACTORS that the FBI uses to get to the heart of the problem. There was [more]
Firearm training is always an interesting discussion among gun owners. Most people believe they don’t have enough, but they have enough. I know…doesn’t make sense but it’s the best way I know how to describe it. What it means is that most gun owners get some basic level of training and consider themselves “trained enough” for home defense and use of their firearm(s). But if you ask them if they [more]
Most people would say that “religion and guns” don’t mix. While this might be true on certain levels, especially with regard to the law, they might not be so distant from each other in the real world. Take the case of Pastor Gary Smith in York, Pennsylvania. Gary is a Christian Pastor who has been guiding people in their faith for 30 years but is also a gun instructor and NRA Certified Trainer. As Gary [more]
There is sometimes a misconception that when an initiative is passed into law that it will start being enforced the next day. While those that promote these initiatives wish this were the case, often times (maybe most of the time) its enforcement lags much further behind. One of the reasons is that the legal system needs time to fully understand the law, communicate it to their agencies and individuals, and then ensure they have the [more]
When it comes to increasing the safety of everyone there are often two different debates going on…both of which have great support for their own arguments. But in the end nothing seems to change all that much other than more arguing and debate. While this is going on, there are others who are coming up with some creative solutions to do what everyone wants…more safety. There was an article written in WIRED magazine, “ [more]
One of the main reasons my clients want to establish a solid trust based estate plan is to avoid probate. Probate can be expensive, take many months to years to complete, and end up disclosing your estate assets in the public record. Let me share with you a story that might “light a fire” under you if you haven’t already created a Gun Trust for your firearms. I’ve changed the names to protect [more]