2016 Starts off with a Bang with Gun Law changes

The discussions and debates have officially started as of January 4th 2016. Both sides of the issue of gun control will be going at it for some time to come…at least the 180 days until it is enacted into law, barring some other modifications. But as a personal gun owner, there are some very specific things you should keep in mind as these discussions, interpretations, and laws progress along.

As with anything that initially comes out, there is a time of “digestion” to figure out what exactly is the law trying to say and what it really means. It’s the “what it really means” that is variable depending on who you are and your firearm collection. Most people jump on it and start making blanket statements about the law that are rarely accurate as to individual situations.

So I have come up with a quick checklist for you to consider as to what you should do going forward…

  • If you have time, read the law yourself, it is available for download and here is a link to the document as it stands today…PROPOSED LAW DOCUMENT
  • Highlight the parts of it that are speaking specifically to your situation, not the overall situation and read those specific aspects
  • Contact your gun law attorney to discuss you situation and how this can impact your current possession and transfer conditions
  • Don’t run around spreading rumors that aren’t based in fact…we are already getting too much of that from both sides of the fence…learn about it so you can speak about it
  • Don’t panic…gain an understanding from the law itself and your attorney of how it affects you
  • If there are changes that need to be made to your Gun Trust or other documents, develop a plan with your attorney to get these changes made and in place

This should help keep you focused and on track with this new law. And remember, it is set to go into effect in 180 days, not immediately. As with most laws, there will be changes and modifications before the final law is implemented so stay in touch with your gun law attorney and what they are seeing with regard to the law…they are the best source in most cases to understand the nuances rather than the political rhetoric.

And if for some reason you are without a gun law attorney, please feel free to contact my office and I can assist you in keeping you informed on what is happening. While I won’t know your specific situation without meeting you, I can share with you the overall aspects of the law you should become aware of over the next several months. The key is to not panic, get educated and act out of knowledge, not rumor.

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