Can You “Say” Too Much Too Soon?

As a gun owner, you know you have additional responsibilities. This goes without saying, even though I just said…it never hurts to repeat it and keep it in the front of our minds. But are there times when you can “say too much” in a particular situation?

As an ordinary citizen, if there is an incident involving a firearm and other people, most of us would leap forward to help provide as much information as possible to help out the authorities. Is this the same protocol or path we should take if we happen to be either carrying a firearm or perhaps were somehow involved in the altercation? Maybe not…

Let me first say that by all means our goal should be to help out the authorities in any way we can in their investigation. But when you are either carrying a firearm or are involved, the “timing” of the information can be more critical than ever.

When there is an incidence involving a firearm one thing is for certain…everyone’s adrenaline is sky high and their heart beats are racing as fast as they would after running in a race. This is a time of high anxiety and emotions. When this happens, sometimes we aren’t as sharp as we would normally be at remembering specific details for even the order of these details. These two things are incredibly important to the authorities when trying to figure out what went on in a particular situation.

Most people need a bit of time after a traumatic event to regain control and some memory of what might have happened in a short period of time.  This means you don’t want to jump into a conversation with the authorities when you don’t have a clear mind and are thinking clearly. This isn’t so you can change the facts but so you can get your facts accurate and with the right timing of the facts. Most people can recall much more when they have time to think through the situation and their brain isn’t in “protect” mode due to an adrenaline rush.

And if you are involved in the incident in some way or are in possession of a firearm, the questions will become critically important to have accurate and in specific detail. This will help you provide much more accurate information if you have a chance to get your facts straight and in order before you meet with the authorities.

So if you are at the scene of a traumatic incident, you are better to let the authorities know you would be happy to talk with them the next day after you have had a chance to calm down and get your thoughts straight. If there is immediate information they need because of a criminal at large, try to provide as much detail as possible about the person but allow yourself to gather your thoughts before going through all the events that transpired.

This is where an attorney can be of great assistance to you. An attorney will help you organize your thinking in a way that is precise and on point for what the authorities will be asking. It isn’t about incriminating yourself, it’s about getting all the details, in order, and in the proper way to explain it so the authorities can use it effectively. If you ever need assistance in this area, don’t hesitate to give me a call and I can provide some additional guidance. This will help you…Be Prepared. Be Smart. Be Safe.

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