Concealed Carry Training on the Rise…especially with Women

There have been several reports from all around the country that the fastest growing population of those wanting a concealed carry license is women. Percentage wise, they are rising faster than their male counterparts in not just getting licensed but also buying firearms.

What does all this mean to the public and to gun ownership? Plenty…there are lots of implications of this but not the least of this is the need for self-protection. When your attacker is carrying a firearm, being trained in self-defense or carrying pepper spray doesn’t prove to be very effective. Many women feel the need to have something available that would match that of their attacker…a gun.

One thing that is quite interesting when it comes to women owning firearms for self-protection is they don’t want to use the firearm…it is just there to give them an additional level of protection in case they need it. Women appear to be far more reluctant and reserved about actively pulling out their gun and shooting an attacker…unless they saw an imminent threat. They would prefer to “flee” rather than “fight” in most cases…which can be a good thing overall if they can escape without harm.

But beyond just obtaining the license and a firearm, they are getting more training than their male counterparts. Whether it is an ego thing or something else, men appear to be less interested in all aspects of training for the proper use of a concealed carry weapon than women. Women feel they have an obligation to fully understand how and when to use the firearm more than men. And as such, they are not just purchasing the permits and firearms, they are getting trained.

There is a marked increase in women attending training classes on not just how to shoot their new firearm but to better understand the safety and situational use of the firearm. They want to be competent shooters but also be trained in “self-defense and safety” with this firearm. So they are attending classes in a higher percentage every year with the intent of having this “extra level of protection” when they are in potentially threatening situations. Good for them…this is awesome news.

For most women, self-defense training of some kind is very important for their safety and peace of mind. They are much more “situationally aware” than their male counterparts in difficult situations. They are much more apt to think ahead of what to do if something threatened them. Now they are adding an extra level of protection to match that of their attackers…firearms. By being situationally aware, most women never believe they will use their firearm for protection…but it’s great to have it should that need arise some point in time.

I applaud women for taking this initiative an adding the “extra layer” of protection. But even more, I applaud them for taking the time to go through the training necessary to be effective in using their firearm should the need arise. Owning a firearm is relatively easy if you can pass a background check. Knowing how to use it effectively and safely is the real art of being  a gun owner. Women seem to see this very clearly and are doing something about it. They are definitely on a path to…Be Prepared. Be Smart. Be Safe.

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