Congressional Betrayal of America’s Armed Forces

Major General Jerry Curry, USA (Ret.) wrote a thoughtful piece for the Daily Caller that was published on December 19, 2013. Here are a couple of excerpts that will make perfect sense to those of us who served in and support the United States Military.

America’s armed forces are grappling with the question of how to maintain a strong military in the face of a congressionally mandated and ever shrinking Pentagon budget. Congress needs to learn that appropriating funds for national defense is not a zero sum budgetary diversion.  Congress should base the size of the nation’s military appropriations on national defense needs, not on how much money is left over after all other political and non-defense needs, such as entitlements, are satisfied.

The Administration needs to first develop a supportable worldwide national defense policy; only then does it make sense to develop a budget to support that policy. Just because non-defense spending goes down, does not mean that defense spending should also go down.

If the security of the nation is not preserved, what good is allocating money to non-security programs such as feeding, providing medical care to illegal immigrants, and educating their children.  Obviously a first rate national defense is more important to the future of our children and grandchildren than optional social programs.


In short, our fighting men and women and their families deserve to be dealt with generously. They deserve to be liberated from the devastating effects of Congress’ and the President’s arbitrary and thoughtless Armed Forces budget reductions. Not only should military equipment be replaced and restored, but the morale of military families also needs to be restored.  Military families have become the victims of Congress’ political power games, and it is not helpful for the senior generals and admirals to go mute instead of defending the needs of their troops and families.

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