Defensive Handgun Skill Builder II

If you have completed the Idaho Enhanced Concealed License Class and Skill Builder I at The Academy, you will be qualified for the more advanced Defensive Handgun Skill Builder II. Upon completion of Skill Builder II, your gun handling, marksmanship, and tactical skills will be better than they have ever been and you should be able to safely present your handgun from a concealed holster and fire two rounds to the center of a target at 5 yards in 1.5 seconds.

You’ll understand the principles of tactics and have multiple opportunities to use your acquired skills under the stress. The entire course is spent on the range. We emphasize fine tuning your gun handling and greatly improve your speed and accuracy. You can expect to reduce the time you take to present and fire a controlled pair of shots or single, precision shots. All training builds to a skills evaluation done from a concealed holster under time pressure.

We emphasize safety and the Range Rules during all training phases. Participants must not be a prohibited person as described on ATF Form 4473 and must sign a Release and Waiver. If you are interested in participating in Skill Builder II, please complete the preliminary REGISTRATION FORM HERE, or call our registration office, 208-401-9300. Once we have 10 preliminary registrations, we will arrange a mutually acceptable training date. Tuition is $100 per participant paid when you finalize your reservation.

Handgun, Equipment and Ammunitions Requirements:

  • Your handgun must be fully functional, have all factory-installed safety devices intact, and have no dangerous modifications, such as a “hair” trigger of less than 4 pounds for double action (DA) pistols.
  • Pocket pistols are not allowed because of the small size and difficulty of use.
  • Holsters must be on the belt, correctly fit your handgun, completely cover the trigger guard, remain open when the handgun is removed, not allow the gun to cover your body, and not have a trigger guard retention device, such as the Blackhawk Serpa model. Thigh rigs, shoulder holsters and cross draw holsters are not allowed.
  • You must have a minimum of three magazines, two single or one double magazine pouch are recommended. You must wear magazine pouches on your belt opposite your handgun.
  • Electronic hearing protection is mandatory.
  • You’ll also need a sturdy belt, hat with a brim, wrap-around impact resistant eye protection, loose pants, comfortable shoes or boots, and a concealment garment, i.e., loose shirt, jacket or vest.
  • Bring a minimum of 100 rounds of NEW ammunition of the correct caliber in the original boxes.

Age Requirements:

  • 16 years old, as long as parent or guardian are on site at the range, or at least 18 years old.
  • Unattended minors are not allowed on the range. They must be escorted by a parent or guardian and under control.