Firearm Training is much more than Shooting Skills

If I asked someone to play an “association game” where I said one word and they gave me a word back they thought correlated to that word, they would most likely get it wrong when it comes to firearms.

If I said, “Firearm training,” the first word most would think of was something relating to “shooting skills.” This would not be entirely accurate from my perspective. Shooting skills are certainly important and critical in knowing how to handle a firearm but there is much more to “Firearm Training” than shooting.

Here are some other “word associations” I would encourage every gun owner to make when it comes to playing the game of picking a word to describe “Firearm Training.”

  • SAFETY TRAINING…before you even purchase your own firearm or go shooting, taking a class in firearm safety is critical and can actually be lifesaving…for both you and others around you. Understanding what a firearm is all about and the proper way to handle it is the best place to start.
  • BASIC SHOOTING SKILLS…once you understand the safety aspects of firearms, learn how to shoot the firearm(s) correctly. Being safe not only involves learning about it but involves applying these lessons to the shooting of your firearm.
  • GUN LAW TRAINING…if you have a firearm and plan to either use it some way for self-defense or just want to go shooting with your buddies and family members, it is critically important you learn what you can and can’t do within the law…without ending up in jail. This would cover everything from “possession and transfer” to “self-defense laws” in our state. Knowing what you can and can’t do within the law is probably the most important aspect of gun ownership after your initial safety and shooting training.
  • ADVANCED FIREARM HANDLING AND SHOOTING…you might want to take your classes beyond the basics and really become more proficient in both your handling of a firearm in addition to shooting skills with a particular firearm. This is very important when it comes to hand guns since they introduce a whole new dimension of safety and self-defense.
  • CONCEALED CARRY…I highly recommend a class in this area…whether you decide to carry today or possibly tomorrow. This is an incredibly valuable class to give you in-depth information of what is involved…beyond just the legal requirements. This is where you learn about whether or not this fits into your lifestyle and if so, what do you need to know to carry safely. This is an entirely new dimension in firearm ownership and is on a rapid rise today based on the unrest people are feeling in our country. Learning what is involved before you start packing your gun around can save your life, other’s lives, and help keep you out of jail.

Now when you hear the word “Firearms Training” you have a new variety of words to associate with this topic. It goes far beyond the initial concept of shooting the gun(s) you might own. Learning how to treat and use firearms responsibly is the most important part of owning a firearm. And when you do, everyone will be safer and better protected because you invested the time in “Firearm Training”…well beyond your shooting skills. And when you do this, you will follow my mantra…Be Prepared. Be Smart. Be Safe.

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