“Gun Control” causes so-called “Gun Violence”

This last weekend proved fatal for several of the good citizens of Chicago‒the city with one of the strictest gun control ordinances in the country.

Like the hackneyed phrase “gun violence,” the proposition by gun control advocates that people have been “killed by guns” goes beyond the usual intellectual dishonesty that marks many left leaning folks. As on commentator noted “Lest you think I’m being unfair, I checked the gun safe this morning. Everything was exactly as I left it the last time. If there are wild herds of guns wandering the streets and assaulting our fellow citizens, they must be extraordinarily stealthy. I wonder how these people know which guns are at fault.” [Hat tip to Ben Crystal.]

You can be sure the anti-Second Amendment folks will continue to implement “gun control.” According to these misguided people, “gun control” is the answer for all of the good citizens of the USA are suffering.

Despite the Supreme Court’s landmark 2010 ruling in McDonald v. Chicago, the Chicago City Council recently confirmed Chicago as certifiably anti- Bill of Rights. If these morons were right, Chicago would be the most peaceful city in the country. But, the facts are‒ it is one of the most dangerous. In fact, I have read‒but not confirmed‒your chances of being shot by some gangbanger in Chicago are greater than being shot by an Al-Qaeda terrorist in Afghanistan.

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