Gun Control Should Be a Gun Owners Responsibility

It seems like just about every state has something in the press about “gun control” or “gun rights” or “gun laws” these days. Is it that there are more issues or just a hot topic to write about to get readers and viewers? We won’t debate that issue today. The real question is does it really matter when it comes to safety around firearms? I think not…

Take for example the new law in the state of Georgia. It is pretty simple. If you are a licensed weapon owner you can take your firearm into any public place. This includes stores, bars, and even churches. In fact, even if there is alcohol served and consumed you can still take your firearm into this establishment. However, if the owner of any establishment posts a sign that you can’t, then you can’t. That’s it…pretty simple.

But is that the real issue people should be worried about when it comes to firearms? I think there is something much more important that hits at the core of what any firearm owner should be thinking about…RESPONSIBILITY. This is a big word we all learned when we were young and most of us failed the responsibility test. But we grew up and we realized that with everything comes responsibility and its twin sister/brother…consequences.

Teaching people to be responsible gun owners is more akin to teaching them how to fish…teach them once and they can do it forever. Responsibility is at the core of what solves many problems when it comes to gun control. If you have irresponsible people, you get irresponsible actions. And when we talk about responsibility it carries well past just owning a firearm and locking it in a safe. For example, here are just a few areas every gun owner should be thinking when it comes to responsibility…

  • Proper way to handle a firearm for safety purposes…gun safety courses
  • Proper way to shoot safely…with some gun training education
  • Concealed Carry training…how to safely carry firearms
  • Guns that are not locked in a safe…how are they staying out of the hands of the untrained
  • Proper transfer of firearms ownership…this also carries legal issues
  • Transportation of firearms across state lines…there are specific laws for each state
  • And of course, use of a firearm in self-defense…how and when should you use force

I think you get my point about responsibility. It starts well before deciding to carry a firearm into your local supermarket or church. These are issues every gun owner needs to be aware of and familiar with as part of being responsible. “Gun Control” should be a personal commitment…not something that is only legislated by our government. If gun owners started with their own control…maybe we would have less intervention by those who don’t own guns deciding what we should be doing. Let’s all agree to start with our own RESPONSIBILITY as gun owners!

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