Idaho Permitless Carry Law Now In Effect

On March 25th, 2016, Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter (R) signed Senate Bill 1389, the permitless carry bill.  SB 1389 passed by the Idaho Senate with a 27-8 vote and the Idaho House of Representatives with a 54-15 vote.

What does this really mean and how should it change the way you think about the law as a gun owner? It depends on what you plan to do going forward…does this affect the way you think about carrying a firearm or not. But even if you don’t, others will and it’s important to understand what this law means to everyone.

Idaho is now the eighth state with permitless/constitutional carry.

To help you better understand what this means to you, the gun owner, let me share with you how SB 1389 affects law-abiding gun owners. For the typical gun owner, there are three primary areas I would encourage you to understand so you are familiar with this new law…

  1. SB 1389 ensures that the existing and long-standing concealed weapon license (CWL) exemption applicable “outside the limits or confines of any city” only protects the rights of law-abiding individuals.
  2. SB 1389 exempts law-abiding Idahoans, who are twenty-one years of age or older, from having to obtain a CWL in order to carry a concealed handgun for self-defense within city limits.
  3. SB 1389 provides a mechanism for well-trained, law-abiding individuals who are eighteen years of age or older to obtain a CWL.

In a nutshell, this new law recognizes a law-abiding adult’s unconditional Right to Keep and Bear Arms for self-defense in the manner he or she chooses.

As we all know, self-defense situations are difficult, if not impossible, to anticipate.  Accordingly, law-abiding adults’ right to defend themselves in such situations should not be conditioned by government-mandated time delays and fees. This is where this new law comes into effect, to allow the law-abiding gun owner to protect themselves and their loved ones in situations, according to the law.

I encourage all citizens to become educated on the laws of self-defense and the use of deadly force. Carrying a firearm, whether open or concealed, brings with it heightened responsibility to abide by all applicable laws. When you decide to own, and especially carry, a firearm, you have made a decision to take on more responsibility. It’s like when you decide to have a child, you agree to take on more responsibility in your life, it’s the decision you make when you bring a child into the world.

Owning a gun and understanding how to safely use it, and how to use it within the laws of the city, state, and country you live in is one of those responsibilities. I hope you will take time to not only understand SB 1389 but all gun laws so you can act responsibly when you need to…within the law.

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