Idaho Senate Committee Approves Right-to-Carry Reform

The Idaho Senate State Affairs Committee today by a voice vote.  House Bill 192, introduced by the House State Affairs Committee and cosponsored by state Representative Joe Palmer (R-20), would create an enhanced concealed carry license option for those applicants who choose to undergo additional training for more carry benefits and more opportunities for reciprocity in other states.  HB 182 has already passed in the state House unanimously and is now eligible for the Senate’s final approval.

This enhanced concealed carry license would help increase recognition of Idaho’s permit in other states from the current reciprocity with 27 states to recognition in almost 40 states.  The enhanced permit would require several additional instruction requirements above the current permit training, including a minimum of eight hours of training by a certified instructor in the principles of self-defense, self-defense law and the proper use of a defensive handgun.  HB 192’s enhanced concealed carry license would fulfill more of the reciprocity or recognition requirements set by permit-issuing authorities in states around the country, therefore improving the chances that Idaho’s permit holders will soon be able to carry a firearm for self-defense in more states.  Idaho’s current concealed carry license system would remain unchanged and residents would still have the option to apply for the regular carry license.

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