Is Gun Control Really What Keeps Americans up at Night…Not Really

Gun control is a hot topic one day and not the next and then it is hot again…it’s seems like it is always under discussion from one side of the fence or the other.

It is certainly a hot topic for the news media, who are constantly looking for any controversial story to try and capture an elusive audience. But with political groups, news media, talk show hosts, morning shows, blogs, magazines, and a host of other groups, is it really what Americans are worried about?

Apparently NOT, at least if you listen to one of the largest polling and research companies in the country. According to a story in, “Gallup: Only 2% Say ‘Guns/Gun Control’ Among Nation’s Most Important Problems,” this is a minor issue to most Americans. What? This certainly doesn’t match the air and print time it gets from a myriad of sources.

But according to this article by Susan Jones and the survey by Gallup, as to the most important problems Americans are concerned about, it ranks pretty low. Below is the table from the article that shows you exactly what Americans are most concerned about. Things like the Economy, Unemployment, Ethics and Moral Decline, Terrorism, National Security, and, oh yes, Politicians and Government (which happened to rank #1).

What is most important to Americans chart

So while the ramifications of gun violence are real and the loss of any life should never be dismissed, regardless of the cause, it doesn’t appear that gun control is the number one issue on the minds of most Americans. Everything on this list is important…many of them also cost thousands of lives every year. Better plans to address all of these, starting with the ones that are most important and concerning to Americans should probably be the place to start.

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