Is The “Nightly News” (and other media) Feeding Gun Sales?

We have never lived in a more connected world than we do today…thanks to the exit of the “Industrial Revolution” and the entrance of the “Internet Revolution.” Today we can get virtually any information with the click of a few icons or by typing in a few words.  While this makes for an incredible world having access to such volumes of information, it also has a dark side…FEAR.

Now that we can read, watch, and hear an unbelievable amount of “content”, one would think this would set our minds at ease because we know so much more than we did yesterday. No longer are we wondering what just happened or what is going on around us…someone is talking about it on the media or even our social networks. This gives us amazing access to real time events and activities.

So here’s my question, “Why is it people are more afraid for their safety today than they were yesterday when we didn’t have access to this type and volume of information?” One reason is “what” is reported and the “volume” with which it is being reported. This increase in “news” (if we can call it that) has people living in fear for their lives and their safety.

We all know that “traditional media” (newspapers, television, radio, magazines) are dying fast…many of them have already been buried. For the few that hang on, their primary goal is to get “eyeballs or ears” on their medium or they will lose all their advertisers and will disappear just like their peers. One way to get this attention is to “sell fear” to their audience. Sensationalism is at an all-time high. Now all of a sudden the cat stuck up in the tree is of national importance and its rescue needs to be a “top story” on the night news station.

These types of stories are now a staple for these traditional media sources…creating sensationalism around average, every day stories to create fear and uncertainty so you will want to find out what is happening next. It is feeding the fear in America and causing people to be more nervous than they were yesterday. This is proving to be great for the sale and training in the firearms industry because people want to know how to use them effectively.

Take the recent article in The Detroit News, “Over 350 women attend free gun class in Taylor.” The Top Gun shooting range offered free training to the women in Taylor. As the article describes it, over 350 women attended…with the number one reason being increased security. They are simply more afraid than they were before and they are looking for additional ways to protect themselves. And the number one reason they are being trained is to get their CPL (Concealed Pistol License).

With all the fear being created by the media in virtually every story, is it any wonder why gun sales are increasing and more people want to carry concealed weapons? Maybe ignorance IS bliss…not knowing about every crime that goes on in your area might not be such a bad thing. Being more aware of what is going on is a plus but hearing it constantly spread over the air waves by the media isn’t helping anyone sleep better at night. We should all do what we can to protect ourselves and our loved ones…this is common sense. But getting everyone overly excited about fear lurking around every corner isn’t the way to do it.

I highly recommend anyone interested in owning a firearm gets trained…safety, shooting, and situational awareness. This is mandatory if you are going to accept the responsibility of owning or carrying a firearm. Have a reason why you truly want to own a gun and then invest the time and money to be knowledgeable, trained, and capable in using the firearm. Just having one might make you feel safer but it’s a false indicator of you being more secure. I would offer that possessing or carrying a firearm without the proper training may be more dangerous than not owning a firearm at all.

If you don’t want to live in a state of constant fear, consider turning off the media sources that contribute to this and get trained if you own a firearm. These two actions alone will probably help you sleep better at night and feel more secure during the day than most anything else. Because at the end of the day, I always recommend for you to…Be Prepared. Be Smart. Be Safe.

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