Learning about Guns and Safety…something for EVERYONE

Like with anything in life, if you haven’t experienced something you can’t appreciate it for what it was designed to do. Firearms are no different. It would be similar to saying you know everything about a car but you have never been in one or driven one…pretty tough to make that statement. Firearms may be even more important to experience to know what they are really about.

I recently heard about a really great event that was held in Palm Bay, Florida where citizens could come by the police range and get both an experience and some safety training. The event was sponsored by The Space Coast chapter of ASIS and was held at the Palm Bay Police Department range. The description of the event, as reported by My13news, “Space Coast Law Enforcement Day’ celebrates police, educates on gun safety,” demonstrated how powerful this can be for a community.

This was an opportunity for citizens to join in with the police in the area to learn more about firearms and get some safety training from some qualified professionals. “I think the biggest thing is for the complete novice to come to an event like this is to lose that fear of guns and feel a little more positive about themselves in handling a firearm,” said Greer. “Those that are experienced in firearms came here to have a good time.”

Many shot firearms for the very first time…safely. They were there to offer insights into firearms while giving some basic gun safety training to everyone. Attendees also got a greater appreciation for the local police officers that support their community…a win-win for everyone.

There are three main insights I think are important for all citizens…not just those that already own firearms…

  1. Everyone should at least experience what a firearm is about and what it can do. This isn’t the video game version, it is the real version. It gives you an appreciation for just how powerful a firearm can be and why it should be treated with incredible respect. It’s a great way for anyone to better understand the responsibility one has when they decide to own a firearm…regardless of what type.
  2. Everyone can learn more safety when around firearms. Whether you ever choose to own one or just happen to be around someone who does own one, it’s important to understand the basic safety issues. This can help every citizen be safer around firearms and when they see something that isn’t right, they will be much more prepared to create a safer environment.
  3. Everyone should understand the local and national laws when it comes to firearms. Again, whether you choose to own one or not it is important to understand what can and can’t be done legally with a firearm. This not only helps you as a gun owner but can also be helpful to your friends that own firearms but may not completely understand the law. Helping everyone be more focused on the law is never a bad thing…and not just because I am attorney.

If we, as citizens of this country, can spend more time being trained and educated than opinionated, we would be a far safer and more respectful nation. Firearms are not video games or toys and the more every citizen understands this, the safer all of us will be in the future. As I always say…Be Prepared. Be Smart. Be Safe.

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