Mass (or any) Shootings Sends Gun Owners a Reminder

This may be one of the only, or certainly few, blog posts that isn’t talking about the pro or con of gun ownership in America…but it is one that is important to every gun owner.

I work extensively in the area of “Transfer and Possession” laws…helping the average gun owner stay within the law on how they possess, use, and transfer firearms. This is becoming even more critical today because of the nuances of the law. But the recent shootings brings up another key point I want to talk about…knowing your family, friends, and relatives.

What I am talking about is beyond understanding an individual’s ability to handle a firearm or their ability to shoot…it’s about knowing who they really are and their background.

There are far too many cases where someone in the family, a relative, or friend has either a current issue or a past issue that you may not be aware of in their life. This issue can affect whether they should be around firearms or certainly around possessing a firearm.

For example, do you know all the criminal backgrounds of your family and friends? Depending on how close you are, it might be easy but for most families as they scatter around the country it isn’t such an easy answer these days. Sharing your firearms with someone with a criminal background, even if relatively minor could be a felony for you and the other person. This is an important piece of information for everyone to know…without question…and the question should be asked.

Another example, do you also know if anyone in your family or friends is currently or has been on any kind of medication for mental issues? This could be as minor as a simple anti-depressant or ADHD medication or even some stronger sleeping medication. All of these can have a different reaction with different individuals. This is also an important piece of information to know…without question…and the question should be asked.

These two in particular are brought more to light when there are shootings being publicized. The main reason is that in many of the cases, one or both of these were an issue. They were part of the situation that might have led to the violent acts committed. If this is the case and is being proven to be happening the majority of time, why not be proactive and make sure you understand if any of your family and friends are in this situation. If they are, you need to take extra precautions around securing your firearms and limiting access.

It’s a good reminder for all of us to think this way…it could eventually save lives and give you more peace of mind. Asking the questions now is much better than dealing with an aftermath of something potentially horrific. Take the time, ask the questions, and if you need some input on what to do about a certain situation, shoot me a message and I will be happy to give you some input. Let’s all be safe out there…

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