Millenials View of Gun Control Might Just Surprise You

A conversation that often goes unnoticed or at least not as emphasized is around what our younger population thinks of firearms. We generally get the opinions from an “older” population (over 40, baby boomers, and seniors) rather than a younger generation. I thought it would be interesting to share some perspectives and views from this massive group in our population.

There was an article in the Washington Post that talked about some different perspectives from this younger population of Millenials. The article, “Millennials’ mysterious support for permissive gun laws,” shared some interesting facts and figures as well as perspectives on this very topic. Allow me share some of these with you as I feel they give us some great insights into this issue.

One interesting perspective the writers noticed was the willingness, or lack of willingness of this population to pressure political leaders into more radical action…

“…millennials seem to have neither the desire nor the willpower to pressure our political leaders to do much to prevent such tragedies. If anything, we may be slightly more blasé about them than our elders.”

Different polls conducted also seem to have some mixed but consistent messages about how Millenials are thinking about guns and gun laws. For example, Gallup conducted a poll and found that 49% of adults under 35 said they support “more strict” gun laws while at the same time 56% of those over 55 years of age. But two other research studies cited in this article, Pew Research Center and The Post/ABC News poll, found it was split at about 50/50 of Americans, young and old, believe gun rights should take priority. This would indicate that a younger population are at least as pro-gun-rights as their elders.

Other interesting facts are relating to what types of weapons millennials vs. their elders focus on with regard to bans and control…

“On proposed bans of “assault-style weapons ,” though, older people are considerably more supportive, with 63 percent of those 65 and older believing these are appropriate, compared with only 49 percent of people under 30, according to Pew .

YouGov similarly finds that older people are more likely to back bans on semiautomatic weapons, bans on selling magazine clips for semiautomatic weapons that hold 10 or more rounds and a five-day waiting period for purchasing a handgun.”

A final thought and quote they gave I thought really gave us some direction on what young people support or favor in this discussion of gun control…

“The only gun-control policy proposal for which I’ve been able to find generally higher support among younger than older people is some sort of gun sale database or gun-owner registry.

According to YouGov, about half of those under 30 support a federal gun-owner registry, versus about a third of those over 65. But it’s possible that young people have become more comfortable with bulk data collection than their elders are, whether or not such data are connected to a hot-button issue such as firearms.”

So if you are thinking that a younger population wants to ban all guns and get to a “European state” where guns are more controlled than in America, you might want to look a bit closer. These are some interesting reports and surveys that certainly gave me additional insights into the differences in age and how they view gun control and ownership. It’s a discussion worth following in the future…

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