Orlando Attack

Many people think Islamic attacks on the US, like what happened over the weekend, are a new thing. Wrong! America has been under attack from Muslim terrorists since before we were even a country.

The Orlando attack is just the most recent in a long history of Muslim terrorists’ attacks against the United States.

It was entirely predictable the gun grabbers (including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton) would use the Orlando tragedy to advance their objective of more gun control legislation.

Their a line of thought (or delusion) is if we can pass just one more law and save just one more life, it’ll make us all safer…regardless of how many law abiding citizens it hurts. But the 20,000+ gun laws on the books in the US protected no one at the club…yes, there are 20,000+ gun laws on the books in the US right now and it takes a special kind of ignorance to think one more law will stop gun violence.

I don’t know the specific Florida laws the murdering psychopath broke, but here are some that I know he broke.

  • Brandishing a firearm is illegal.
  • Discharging a firearm inside of city limits is illegal in almost all incorporated areas.
  • Assault is illegal.
  • Shooting with intent to kill is illegal.
  • Use of a firearm in the commission of a felony is illegal.
  • Aggravated malicious wounding is illegal.
  • Terroristic threats are illegal.
  • 1st degree, pre-meditated murder is illegal.
  • In most jurisdictions, carrying a firearm into an establishment whose primary business is the sale of alcohol is illegal.

It doesn’t matter whether he bought the guns legally or illegally. It doesn’t matter whether it was a gun free zone or not. It doesn’t even matter whether guns are available.

Murdering psychopaths don’t care about laws, they don’t care whether they break 1 law or 100 laws, and the absence of having a firearm isn’t going to suddenly make them sane. If they don’t have a gun, history has shown us that they’ll use knives, sticks, bombs, or a rice steamer like the Boston Marathon murderers.

It’s simply idiotic to suggest passing more laws will make a difference. Murderers don’t care about breaking laws.

Australia confiscated privately owned firearms and violent crime rates didn’t improve.

The UK severely restricted private gun ownership rights and their violent crime rates didn’t improve.

Restricted private gun ownership rights didn’t help Jews stay safer in Germany in the 30s.

Increased restrictions on private citizens’ ability to protect themselves throughout history has only helped two classes of people: Tyrants and criminals who are willing to use violence to take what they want from innocent people.

My advice: Get a gun. Get trained. And, practice, practice, practice. Be prepared, be smart and be safe!

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