Real Life Firearms Training

Here’s a great post by Jeff Anderson, President, United States Concealed Carry Association.

If you think that you’re going to be able to pull off the
same fine-motor skill shooting techniques as you do down in
the relaxed atmosphere of your local gun range, you got
another thing coming my friend.

In the adrenaline-charged fury of a real gunfight, your body
is going to work against you.

Your breathing will become quicker… your muscles will
tense up… you get “tunnel vision”… and your
heart-rate will skyrocket.

When this happens, every aspect of your tactical response is
going to suffer.

Weapon presentation… sight picture… trigger squeeze…
even your “shoot – don’t shoot” decision making ability.

The best way to prepare for this hard truth is to inject  
some reality into your firearms training by recreating your
body’s natural adrenal response to a threat.

So try this…

1.  Find an open space in your house, garage, or even
outdoors and set up 3 man-sized targets at varying
distances and positions to you.

2.  Using an airsoft gun (preferred), laser training
pistol, or confirmed unloaded firearm (check unloaded,
no ammo in room, be smart!), put it in your concealed
carry holster or on the ground next to you.

(If you have a laser trainer, you can just use
different “targets” around your training space, like a
light switch or clock)

3.  Set an alarm or countdown timer to go off every 2
minutes or so

4.  Now, begin doing a bodyweight workout using exercises
like pushups, situps, etc.

5.  Every time the alarm or timer goes off, stop your
training and immediately grab your weapon and engage
all 3 targets.

6.  Secure your weapon again and go back to your workout
until the next timer goes off and you re-engage the
targets once again… this time in a different order.

7.  Continue until your workout is complete (30 minute
workout = about 10 target engagement rounds, leaving
time for recovery and reloads)

Yes, this mini-workout will seem challenging… and that’s
the point.

By getting your heart-rate up, you’ll experience the same
shortness of breath and slower response as you would if you
were fighting for your life.

Use this “tactical workout” 2-3 times a week and not only
will you be better prepared for a real-life gunfight, but
you might actually get rid of that extra “pudge” you’ve been
carrying around, eh? 😉
Thanks a lot, Jeff.

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