Regardless of your View on Guns…EVERYONE needs Training

It doesn’t matter which side of politics you stand on or what you think of the 2nd Amendment when it comes to firearms…EVERYONE should be trained. I know this might sound odd, but when you think about it a bit more, wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the country understood how to handle a firearm?

One thing it would certainly do is give everyone an appreciation for what can happen and how to properly handle a firearm if they are ever confronted with the situation. Whether they are in a home environment or out in public, knowing the safety aspects of a gun would be safer for everyone…even if they never chose to own one or even fire one.

There was a great article in Belleville News-Democrat, “Pacifist at heart’: O’Fallon firearms instructor focuses on safety, self-defense,” that talked about this in some more detail. While he focuses on self-defense as well as safety, there are some great stories and some solid information that everyone should read. I wanted to share some of the highlights for you in case you don’t have time to read the entire article.

Looking at the trend of types of safety taught in schools, Young said he is disappointed with the lack of gun safety today.

“I feel everyone should have firearm training, especially when there is one in the home,” Young said. “Fifty or 60 years ago trapshooting leagues and shooting competitions were common high school extracurricular (events).”

“But unfortunately society has moved away from that on to the fear of guns,” Young said. “It is a fundamental freedom that should be able to be exercised without all the regulations.”

The media doesn’t help alleviate the growing phobia of guns in our country, he said.

“I can appreciate the intent of those types of firearms controls but they don’t work. In fact, we see time and time again people committing mass shootings, but in all reality and statistically speaking fists and hammers kill more people in this country than guns do,” Young said.

Young said he became a firearms instructor because he was discontented by his own firearms instruction when he went through the process of getting his certifications.

“Basically my instructor was nothing more than a gun enthusiast who basically read us the law, then we went out and shot and that was it,” he said.

Young is adamant about gun safety and not just knowing the law, but living the law.

“I am really a pacifist at heart. Even as a hunter, I don’t use a firearm — I bow hunt because I don’t ever want to use a gun to take a life,” Young said. “I do this to protect life, not take it.”

“We also focus on situational awareness and conflict avoidance,” Young added.

When it comes to living in a country that has a plethora of gun laws and people on both sides of the fence on whether they are right or wrong, it’s doesn’t take away from the fact we would all be better off if everyone knew how to be safe with our around firearms. I think it’s a great place to start. Because at the end of the day, I completely believe it’s critical for everyone to Be Prepared. Be Smart. Be Safe.

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