So You Want to Own a Firearm…Do You Have the “Right” Training?

The buzz about protecting yourself and your family has never been more “top of mind” in the wake of several shootings over the years. People are flocking to firearms training courses to learn more about how to handle a firearm…including concealed carry. People are nervous and are looking for alternatives to protection.

I would absolutely agree that it is critically important to improve one’s personal and family safety no matter what is going on in the world around us at any point in time. With more and more heightened awareness, it’s important to be trained. But what exactly does that mean? Let me share with you a few different areas that I would recommend you consider in this area of “Training.”

  1. Firearm Safety Training…this should be a basic course every gun owner should take before they fire their first round…regardless of the firearm. This is a course that teaches you the components of a firearm and how to handle it safely. I can’t emphasize this enough when it comes to owing a firearm…regardless of your age, past experience, and type of firearm.
  2. Basics of Shooting…while this might not sound like a firearm safety course, it very much is in my opinion. If you don’t have the basic understanding of how to shoot a firearm, you can be dangerous to yourself and others around you. This goes beyond “handling” a firearm and involves what happens before, during, and after it goes BANG! There are stories about how someone shot another person by accident after the gun went off at a target because of them not knowing what to expect and how to properly shoot the firearm. For example, I highly recommend using only one round in a gun when initially training. This helps eliminate the accidental discharge of another round…because there isn’t one to discharge.
  3. Gun Law Education…sure, I am attorney so you would expect this from me…but it is something I would recommend regardless of my profession. Just because you know how to handle and shoot a firearm, you probably don’t know or understand the laws surrounding the use of your firearm. Possession and Transfer laws are critically important these days for any gun owner. They not only are controlled nationally but each state has their own individual laws of what you can and can’t do with your firearm. Not understanding these is no excuse under the law and can carry felony charges with many of these laws. This is of equal (if not greater) importance for anyone who owns a firearm to understand. If you have read my blog you understand there are many things to understand and numerous responsibilities you have as a gun owner.
  4. Concealed Carry…this might be an optional course but regardless of whether you decide to carry a concealed firearm today or not, it is a very important course for gun owners. It goes into a variety of situations of when you would use a firearm, what to be aware of when you are carrying (or not carrying) a firearm, and how to act. One of the biggest advantages of a concealed carry course is teaching you “situational awareness” since most people aren’t as aware as they should be in their environment today. Being aware of your environment can save your life today…even if you don’t carry a concealed firearm.

If you either have or are going to have a firearm, you should check out courses in your area that cover these four areas. If you can’t find one or are not sure of what to look for, shoot me a note in my Contact section and I will be happy to give you some guidance. The key is to not only be knowledgeable but to be trained so that if something should happen, you can act with more thought, direction, and responsibility. This is how you can always Be Prepared, Be Smart, and always Be Safe.

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