The “Aftermath” of a Deadly Force Incident – 5 Actions you Should Take

The “Aftermath” Of a Deadly Force Incident - 5 Actions You Should Take - CoverIf you have a firearm with the intent to use it for protection, this Article is for you.

Being prepared to use a firearm (or any other weapon) to defend yourself and your loved ones takes practice and preparation. But as much as you prepare and train you may not know or be prepared for what can happen in the “Aftermath” of an incident. This is probably as, if not more, important as what you are going to do during an actual deadly encounter event. During and after an event your adrenaline is sky high…having a plan for what to do during the event can be synonymous with muscle memory…you react. But when the event is over, regardless of how you performed, there is an Aftermath.

This article is all about helping you understand what to do immediately after an event occurs. It gives you some background and some steps, 5 to be exact, on what you should be prepared to deal with…and a number of other useful pieces about how to help you in any deadly encounter event.

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