The Issue isn’t Gun Control…it’s Protection

The debate and discussions continue over gun control from both the “left” and “right” side of the issue. It will probably go on for many years with changes, tweaks, and laws. But if we step back from this political issue and focus on the outcome of these discussions, this paints a different story.

There was a great video and discussion by Wayne Allyn Root with Personal Liberty where he discussed this issue in great detail…not focused on gun control but the possible outcomes of having more government intervention in allowing citizens to protect themselves. It was centered on a particular discussion, “My debate with Piers Morgan about guns.” Here is one segment to give you a feel for what the debate was about with regard to gun control and the safety of citizens…

“I opened the TV debate on British television by pointing out we shouldn’t be debating gun rights or gun control at all, but rather the tragedy of gun-free zones. All the mass murders by gun that so enrage liberals — like the recent Oregon community college shooting — happen in gun-free zones. As I pointed out on U.K. national TV, it’s like putting a giant blinking neon sign above the door that screams: “Come in and kill us all because we are disarmed and completely defenseless.”

The key for Wayne was not all the individual laws surrounding gun control but the issues around what kind of message does this send worldwide and what position will this put the average citizen in when it comes to their safety. He makes some excellent points, especially around the reason the 2nd Amendment was included right after freedom of speech. If the citizens are not able to protect themselves, their property, and their fellow citizens, then we are subject to attack from anyone at anytime from anywhere in the world. This is a dangerous position to put ourselves in as a country.

I personally feel this is an important issue for any gun owner to be aware of as they talk to others about gun control and the rights to own and use firearms for safety and protection. Many of the issues, as you are well aware of by now, are less about guns and more about the state of the person using these guns. Disarming those that have the ability and desire to protect others is a dangerous precedent with undesirable outcomes. The debate will continue for sure, but as Wayne suggests, we need to focus on what the real issues are with keeping people safe, not taking away the rights of those who can help keep us safe.

I get to train with many incredibly qualified gun owners and I would love to have them all available to protect me in a difficult time…and I believe you would as well. Disarming them and taking away their rights to do so is not the answer…finding better ways to protect us against the people who shouldn’t have firearms is a better answer. Go back to Wayne’s main point of putting up a sign that says we aren’t armed and we are inviting more trouble and losing more lives than we have ever seen. I think back to when the original colonies were founded and protecting the foundation that led to our great country. How would we look today if we disarmed the very citizens that rose up to protect us against our enemy…we would be speaking a different language today for sure!

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