The Rapid Rise of Women Gun Owners and the Law

We have all heard it…there is a definite increase in women owning firearms. There is an obvious reason…protection. They feel a far greater need today to protect themselves and their families. It’s growing and it’s changing the landscape of traditional firearm ownership. But are they prepared?

One thing I have learned about women owning guns is that when they set their mind to learning about it…they really learn about it. It isn’t about the ego of the gun or owning the biggest and meanest gun…it’s about how to use it properly for a purpose…primarily protection. This is awesome!

Take for example a new group that has started up in the Midwest with multiple chapters throughout the country…you can read more about it in an article, “Women empowered to protect themselves with firearms.” It’s a great article and talks about both the increase and the need for such a group specifically for the needs of women. And they are jumping in and getting the proper training and education necessary to handle a firearm safely and learning how to use it for protection. Kudos to these women and this group for approaching gun ownership the right way.

But that’s only half the battle as they say. I see this all the time…someone buys a firearm, learns how to properly shoot it, yet knows very little about the laws of owning the firearm and what you can and can’t do with it. And what’s unfortunate, not knowing the law, whether you ever pull the trigger in self-defense, can still potentially put you in jail.

Most people think that unless they brandish or discharge their firearm, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to committing a crime…NOT TRUE. When someone purchases a firearm and begins training on how to use it, it is equally important to know Possession and Transfer Laws as well. Many of these carry significant felony charges…such as up to 10 years in jail. Knowing who you can loan your gun to, who can shoot your gun, how you can give certain firearms to your family members or friends and a host of other issues can keep you out of jail. Not complying with these laws is something many gun owners are unaware of or misunderstand. And they don’t say constant…they constantly change.

So while we applaud the increased ownership and training of more women gun owners, we also want to make sure they understand the other side of owning a firearm just as much. This is why I blog and why I write and share articles to you about gun law…it’s another important way to stay safe and within the law of being a gun owner. Make sure you also check out Gun Law Community as well…they are dedicated to the same thing on an national level…helping gun owners better understand the law of owning a firearm. Together, we can help each other, men and women, to be more responsible, better trained, and more educated about the legal side of owning a firearm.

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