Transferring Firearms Keeps Getting More Interesting

Transferring firearms to family and friends has always been something we do as gun owners. But what about selling a firearm to someone else? It used to be much simpler but now it is getting more and more interesting.

Take for example, the latest bill by Democratic Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia where he wants to put forth a gun control bill but is essentially trying to eliminate the private sale of firearms. There was an interesting article talking about this in The Federalist where they talk about what his intentions may really be…a backdoor ban on all private sales.

In the article, “Tim Kaine’s Gun Control Bill Is A Backdoor Ban On All Private Gun Sales,” they talk about what is potentially behind his “Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act” bill. The goal is to put more restrictions on transferring firearms to an individual prohibited from possessing one by federal law. Sounds like a reasonable bill on the surface as no law abiding gun owner wants someone who is restricted from owning one to get access to firearms. This makes sense.

However, upon reading their review of the bill, it appears there may be more intent here than meets the eye. Currently, sales between private parties in the same state don’t require a background check. All other sales go through an FFL and they are required to conduct a background check by law. So what’s the issue?

Simple…it doesn’t allow a private individual to conduct a background check. This means that even if you wanted to sell your firearm to your neighbor, you can’t do a background check as an individual, essentially preventing you from ever selling your gun privately. This would eliminate all private sales because there won’t be an option to satisfy the law. This would mean the only way to sell or purchase a firearm would be through an FFL.

This could create a monopoly and drive up the costs and profits of FFLs beyond reasonable. This would further hamstring gun owners from transferring firearms between friends or family members without adding significantly to the cost. But the worst part of this is that many gun owners will be unaware of this law if it is passed and as such be committing a felony. This is where it is important to be aware of these proposed laws so you don’t find yourself in trouble.

Stay tuned…more changes on the way for everyone. But since this is a national law, it’s important to at least be aware it is underway and you can track it now that you are aware it is going on. I will share more on this as well in future blog posts.

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