Universal Background Checks will make no difference

During this election season we can expect a lot of talk from the liberal/progressives about Universal Background Checks. I am mystified be these folks. They have suspended their common sense. Legislation requiring Universal Background Checks will make no difference because people who have decided to harm others can still get guns just as easily with such a law in place. There is extensive evidence to suggest this is the case by looking at where past criminals have obtained their guns. Here is an article published by the New York Times (shocking) in which they outline where the last 14 most popular shooters got their guns. Spoiler alert… they all passed existing background check laws except for one who stole the guns from his mother.

Probably the most disturbing lie about this legislation is it suggests it will solve a problem that is somehow responsible for American tragedies. The media and many politicians would have you believe all the famous killers of the last five years all went to a gun show, approached a private seller, and purchased guns. This is almost never the case. The majority of criminals either get their guns legally by passing a background check, stealing the firearm from a friend or relative (stealing is already illegal), or stealing the gun in a car break-in, home invasion, or other criminal pursuit (also already illegal).

Another reason it will make no difference is offenders are rarely prosecuted for breaking the law. Think about this. It is illegal to violate the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1994 (Brady Act) but criminals are only stopped if they are caught and prosecuted. The average number of bad guys stopped and prosecuted each year for breaking the Brady Act is about 3.5 bad dudes each year.

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