What are the REAL Numbers behind Gun Violence?

If there is one area that seems to have more numbers both for and against, it’s gun control. It seems like virtually every article has some numbers in it to support their side of the story or to try and prove their point. But are these numbers real? Can they be verified? Are they accurate?

These are the questions I, and you, as gun owners should not only continually ask but seek to find their accuracy. I tend to prefer numbers that are easily verifiable and have some significant data or research behind them before talking about them. And the more granular you get, the more the numbers can be “manipulated” to prove the point of the story that is being told.

One area I look to is overall numbers…ones that include a lot of data or input. One such number caught my attention the other day…“How many firearms are actually used in homicides?” It was an article by MRCTV.com called, “Less than 0.00004 of All U.S. Guns Are Used in Homicides.” While the title says it all, I wanted to know more about this number and where it came from.

According to the article, the data was government data. They based it on some other interesting numbers as well…

“The number of firearm-related homicides in 2013 — the CDC’s most recent data — was 11,208 (so about 309,988,792 guns were just milling about that year, not killing anybody).

That means about 0.000036 homicides were committed per gun in the United States in 2013. For those of you who don’t like doing math, that’s less than four homicides per 100,000 guns.”

A Gallup Poll they cite also estimated that 45% of Americans own a gun, according to the 2011 Gallup Poll. Based on all the numbers that have been collected, that ends up being 0.0001 firearm related homicides per gun owner.

So while the numbers might show that firearm homicides are extremely small in comparison, I also want to add that in my opinion, this should be zero. It would be great if we could eliminate any homicides altogether, not just firearms. Even one death should be unacceptable if we really looked at the ultimate goal. It would be great to catch every criminal before they created the homicide and a life was taken. While it certainly isn’t reality, it’s certainly a nice goal every American should strive for and try to help each other achieve.

But while we are getting to this great goal, it’s not a bad idea to protect yourself and your family from being one of these statistics. That’s why I always say, Be Prepared, be Smart, and be Safe!

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