When “Situations” make the Law “Temporary”

We’ve always heard, “The Law is the Law”…but sometimes this can change. The Law is still always the law but there are times when it can change due to circumstances or particular situations. It’s important, as a gun owner, to understand when certain laws are “Temporary” and when they aren’t.

A case in point is the Concealed Carry law in Florida. The fall is hurricane season in the Southeast part of the country, typically Florida and the Caribbean. This is pretty much guaranteed during this time of year. Because this is something they know will most likely happen, they have changed their law to for “certain situations and circumstances” to protect the citizens of the state.

An article in Guns.com described this in good detail in an article, “Florida emergency concealed carry law may see first use in Hurricane Matthew,” where they discussed how the Concealed Carry Law can change (be Fluid) during times of emergencies. Based on Florida law, “some in the state may be able to temporarily carry concealed handguns without a permit under a new law.”

Some details of this “fluid” or “temporary” condition are…

“With more than 1.5 million Floridians in evacuation zones, attention by some gun owners concerned with safety is falling on a law signed last year by Gov. Rick Scott to allow law-abiding citizens without concealed carry licenses to bear arms during declared mandatory evacuations.

The measure, which passed as HB209/SB296, creates an exception to Florida’s prohibition against concealed carry of a weapon without a permit by allowing adults not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm to temporally do so while evacuating. The law allows for a 48-hour window that this would be allowed after the evacuation has been ordered. However, the governor can authorize an extension as needed.”

The important part I want to point out is how important it is for the citizens of Florida to understand this “temporary” situation that is part of the law. While many might not know this is in effect, it’s equally important to know the specifics of the law…such as whether or not you or your friends and family qualify for this temporary situation in the law or not. If they do, it would be great for them to be aware of this law. If they don’t qualify, it’s equally important they know they can’t participate in this “temporary” situation that is occurring during this point in time.

I point this out as another example of how important it is for a gun owner to understand the gun laws in our area. Thinking you know all the laws is a dangerous situation for the average citizen and gun owner. Part of being a responsible gun owner is to understand both the existing laws as well as some that might be “temporary” due to certain circumstances and situations. It’s our responsibility to know what we qualify for and what we don’t as a gun owner.

It’s always important to know the law…whether it is even a “temporary” law. Being a responsible gun owner means we are properly trained and understand the legal aspects of being a gun owner. When we do, it helps us…Be Prepared. Be Smart. Be Safe.

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